Party Waste

Posted by Earthlymart on Feb 15th 2019

There is a party occurring almost every second and/or minute of the day. Somewhere, somehow people find themselves planning a party and/or attending one. Like any great party, there is always your share of garbage. And, the more guest are enjoying themselves within the party it always appears the garbage is collecting by the second. As you can imagine and figure that parties produce a great deal of non-recyclable waste. It's is estimated that at present the United States of America is producing over 260 million tons of garbage per year (this number has risen yearly for almost the last ten (10) years), which the bulk of the garbage is being generated on the residential level. And, what is worse is that less than half of that garbage which ends up in landfills gets recycled and/or is recyclable.

Not only as a nation, but as a plant we must look to not only cut down on using just toxic and environmentally damaging products. We also need to stop supporting such hazardous products by purchasing them for our daily uses, as well as for our parties. We must be mindful of that that in order for a product to be biodegradable there are four elements that must be present: nitrogen, carbon, moisture, and oxygen. All four elements must be there, otherwise the that particular products just stays dormant within the landfill.

When you are preparing for your next party consider products made from the following: bamboo, hemp, recyclable paper, etc.. Always consider using natural fiber fabrics when using table cloths, napkins, etc.. You owe it to yourself and your environment in removing the chemicals that exist within our daily living environment. It is as important to send a message to these companies that manufacture harmful products that it’s time to be beneficial to the environment, instead of being harmful.

Green Living is Clean Living