Danger of Using Commercial Cleaning Products Around Pets

Posted by Earthlymart on Sep 11th 2019

If you use common commercial household cleaning products, it’s time to change up your cleaning routine to protect your pet(s) from harsh chemicals. Use pet safe shampoo and cleaners like the ones Earthlymart offers instead.

The pet products we sell can also be used to safely shampoo your animal but also can be used to clean dog kennels, cat boxes, bird feeds etc. It comes in three sizes: 32oz spray bottle, 32oz cap bottle, and 1 gallon bottle. The links to the products are below.




Commercial cleaning products can be toxic to humans and pets. Pets are particularly vulnerable because they are smaller and closer to floors, carpets and restricted spaces which may harbor chemicals. Furthermore their natural curiosity along with a lack of awareness about toxic hazards, make them more likely to encounter substances harmful to their health.

It’s important to be mindful of keeping your pets away if you use commercial cleaning products but we recommend to use natural cleaning products such as the Earthlymart Cleaning Products which are safer around animals. 

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