Several Ways To Get Motivated To Clean

Posted by Earthlymart on Jan 19th 2020

Cleaning in your home doesn't have to be a boring and uneventful experience. It can be a fun and rewarding especially if you plan ahead. If you have a family you should get them involved as well. Clea … read more

Danger of Using Commercial Cleaning Products Around Pets

Posted by Earthlymart on Sep 11th 2019

If you use common commercial household cleaning products, it’s time to change up your cleaning routine to protect your pet(s) from harsh chemicals. Use pet safe shampoo and cleaners like the ones Eart … read more

Fast Fashion and the Environment

Posted by Earthlymart on May 17th 2019

So, let’s look at some facts about what our need for fashion does to the environment.When natural fibers, like cotton, linen and silk, or semi-synthetic fibers created from plant-based cellulose, like … read more

Let’s talk about water! Part 2

Posted by Earthlymart on Mar 31st 2019

In our last blog we talked about plastic and other contaminants in our water. We also gave you a few pointers on what you can do to help keep the water clean. Let’s continue our talk about water, but … read more

Let’s talk about water! Part 1

Posted by Earthlymart on Mar 2nd 2019

Here at Eartlymart we know the importance of clean, clear water. It’s makes up the natural cleaning products we sell and we wouldn’t have a business without it. All the raw materials used in the pro … read more